Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hudson River Observations watercolor paintings by Gretchen Kelly

Through the years of living here in the Hudson River Valley I have painted the river over and over. The weather and the season change the color so that I am never bored with the subject matter. Painting the Hudson River has become intrinsic to  what my calling is as an Artist. I must always represent the impressions that I feel and see. 
My work evolves as does the landscape. These paintings are available on my website shop. Click to view and purchase.

Citrus on Highlights on the Hudson - watercolor and pastel

Distant Green on the Hudson - watercolor + pastel

Twins on the Hudson River - watercolor and graphite

Catskill Observation - watercolor + pastel

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Warm and rich color Original Watercolor Nudes by Gretchen Kelly

I have just listed all these and more on my Etsy shop- ☜click to go there. 
I coordinate a live model sketch session each Sunday morning at locations in Hudson, NY.
We have been warm and cozy by the fireplace at one of the Artist's home the past two weeks. I think the comfortable location has influenced my paintings in that I have chosen warm colors and included a lot of pattern.

You can see my work each week as I post it to my Instagram feed

Monday, January 08, 2018

Threads and Yarns

I love to do hand stitching, mending, knitting, embroidery and many other kinds of hand work with a needle and thread. I have been doing it since I was a child, sewing my Barbie doll clothes. I preferred making her clothes than playing with her and my other friends who wanted to play house and make relationships between Barbie, Ken, Midge and what was her boyfriends name? Anyway - that would be telling about the grown up me 50 years later.....HA! 

Above is the tray filled with yarns and needles and threads on my coffee table. That's what I do in front of TV especially during this hibernation period in the Hudson River Valley. Below are some of my works in progress: re-embroidered nordic sweater that is extra special because it is a beloved friend's sweater who passed away. I am embroidering a celestial border on a black cashmere ruana that was my mothers- that will bring it to life and I will wear it enthusiastically. The last item is a leg warmer which is what I have been obsessed with wearing this winter- one down another to go. 

Tonight I am opening the doors at Instar Lodge in Germantown for Mending Monday which is the first monday in the month (normally). Menders, stitchers, sewers join around a large table to do their handy work and chat. Many new friendships have formed around this mending session. If your interested check out the website for Instar Lodge

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Huge pile of recent paintings

I have my work cut out for me with the listings that I have to post to my Etsy shop.
All new paintings from the past couple of months at life sketching sessions that 
I conduct on Sundays. You can follow me live when I post these every Sunday on
my Instagram feed. 

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