Thursday, July 09, 2015

Olana Plein Air Event 2015 in Hudson, NY

This is what I've been up to - today is the 1st day of the annual Olana Plein Air event. It's the 4th. I have been juried into all of them ;^). I was pleased with my three paintings today. It started to rain around 5:30 so I called it quits. 
This is the iconic view that we all paint over and over. I will be selling a lot of my Olana paintings from previous years along with the ones that I do this week on Sunday at the tent sale behind the Carriage House. About 20 other Artists will be doing the same thing after the auction which is on Saturday night 6pm. It's an opportunity for us to display works that were not up for auction.

This view is looking north towards the city of Hudson, which is where I live. I like this one.

This is a new view of the Olana mansion from below on the walkway. The hillside has been cleared making the view of the house more open for the Artist to paint. I was talking to the "curator of the landscape" at Olana as he drove by in a mini  golf cart with some passengers that he was giving a tour of the trails to. He said that they were clearing the trees for the view above when looking towards the river and the secondary result is this open hillside. He was so happy that I was there painting it. I think I was the first one out there, no one else seemed to realize this is a fantastic new view. (The painting above is the first phase and not finished.)

This is almost finished...still have to fine tune some details.

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