Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Farmers Market Flowers - original watercolor paintings

It's about time for an update- long overdue! I have no excuse except that I have been negligent about posting to this blog. The immediacy of Facebook has replaced my blog posts in the last year. But I my aim is to change that with more regular meaningful updates here about what I've been doing creatively.

Below is my latest endeavor into flower paintings which are a great way for me to loosen up and be free. I have photographed each painting next to the display of actual flowers prior to painting in the background.  I have gotten a lot if positive feedback on social media in response to these. Every week I treat myself to flowers at the Hudson Farmers market. Marilyn from Cedar Farm has the most beautiful selection and I look forward to seeing here each week to make my purchase. It is a well deserved treat for me. I feel like I am honoring the beauty of the flowers when I paint them. These are all available to purchase on my Etsy shop <click

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