Monday, November 02, 2015

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon in Hudson NY

Getting ready to go out with Lisa Durfee, the champion of Halloween costumes. She had this idea to do the Picasso portrait of cubist nudes for a few years. Below are the ladies in full form, which included friends: Claudia, Lina, Val and Tom. Hudson was filled with many parties and people roaming the streets in costumes. We won for most Artistic costumes at the 2nd Ward building and danced to awesome music by DJ Ted Patterson. Unfortunately, my costume didn't survive the dancing.

deux Demoiselles
my fave part in the back is a version of the Picasso flowers upside down.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Adirondacks Plein Air Festival 2015

I had a great time as usual in the Adirondacks last week during the Adirondack Plein Air Festival. A collection of 50 Artists participate painting the landscape. There are awards and honors for different categories. One of my watercolors took the prize for Outstanding Watercolor and I won 2nd place in the Quick Draw contest. Below you can see all my work during the days that I painted. The show was juried by Kirk Larsen, an accomplished plein air painter himself. I enjoyed his commentary on the works that he chose for different categories and appreciated his enthusiasm. He donated some of his own money for extra prize categories that he felt were needed. The time spent doing this event every year is so refreshing and energizing.  It's so good to get away out in Mother Nature.

Display of paintings at the show up for sale. The third from left won for "Outstanding Watercolor" in the show. 
"Passage"at Paul Smiths

a warmup sketch under the bridge looking towards Tupper Lake from Bog River Falls
"the Rock at Bog River Falls" larger painting done in the afternoon

Morning Mist at the Fish and Game club in Saranac Lake at the crack of dawn

smaller study looking towards the mountains from the Fish and Game club

My dear friend Inge and myself posing in front our work at the show

"Quick Draw" painting done within 2 hours for the contest - took 2nd prize!

Kirk Larsen selecting my painting for Quick Draw 2nd place

just a lil ditty of the next door house porch

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Last day of plein air painting at the Olana event 2015

....and SOLD to the bidder over there!....
This post is a bit late, but better late than never. About three weeks ago on July 11th all the participating 30 Artists at Olana got ready to turn in their plain air paintings framed in prep for the viewing before the auction. A lovely cocktail hour takes place and then it is time to be seated….here is the painting I did that went up for auction. See the spot where I painted from and the warmup sketch too. I thought I would show my new makeshift easel that worked better than the professional one that I have, which I  never like using because it’s so unsteady. The following day for the first time during the plein air event we had a tent sale, which was very successful. It brought back buyers from the night before as well as others. As painters, we all have loads of paintings to sell and this was a great opportunity to do just that. I was fortunate to make some additional sales of local landscapes as well as some of my recent botanical paintings. It was a successful venture and I think we would all like to have two days of selling in the tent next year and not do the auction! Ha! I say that because quite a few paintings were passed over and did not sell due to not meeting the minimum reserve price. Good ones too! That is very disappointing for the artist who spent so many hours in the heat painting their masterpiece. See post below for more about the Olana Plein Air event.

A fuzzy shot of the final framed painting approx 20x28"
watercolor + white gouache on Kraft color Stonehenge paper

painting on site in front of the Moorish castle

this was my warmup sketch

here you can get a glimpse of my makeshift easel
 which is actually a painting display rack

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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Olana Plein Air Event 2015 in Hudson, NY

This is what I've been up to - today is the 1st day of the annual Olana Plein Air event. It's the 4th. I have been juried into all of them ;^). I was pleased with my three paintings today. It started to rain around 5:30 so I called it quits. 
This is the iconic view that we all paint over and over. I will be selling a lot of my Olana paintings from previous years along with the ones that I do this week on Sunday at the tent sale behind the Carriage House. About 20 other Artists will be doing the same thing after the auction which is on Saturday night 6pm. It's an opportunity for us to display works that were not up for auction.

This view is looking north towards the city of Hudson, which is where I live. I like this one.

This is a new view of the Olana mansion from below on the walkway. The hillside has been cleared making the view of the house more open for the Artist to paint. I was talking to the "curator of the landscape" at Olana as he drove by in a mini  golf cart with some passengers that he was giving a tour of the trails to. He said that they were clearing the trees for the view above when looking towards the river and the secondary result is this open hillside. He was so happy that I was there painting it. I think I was the first one out there, no one else seemed to realize this is a fantastic new view. (The painting above is the first phase and not finished.)

This is almost finished...still have to fine tune some details.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Watercolor Flowers by Gretchen Kelly

This a group of studies in Green. I've been working on freeing myself and the best way for me is to paint flowers. I am trying to loosen up and I vacillate between detail and washy strokes. I really want to stay away from detail but my subliminal tendency is to get into it.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Farmers Market Flowers - original watercolor paintings

It's about time for an update- long overdue! I have no excuse except that I have been negligent about posting to this blog. The immediacy of Facebook has replaced my blog posts in the last year. But I my aim is to change that with more regular meaningful updates here about what I've been doing creatively.

Below is my latest endeavor into flower paintings which are a great way for me to loosen up and be free. I have photographed each painting next to the display of actual flowers prior to painting in the background.  I have gotten a lot if positive feedback on social media in response to these. Every week I treat myself to flowers at the Hudson Farmers market. Marilyn from Cedar Farm has the most beautiful selection and I look forward to seeing here each week to make my purchase. It is a well deserved treat for me. I feel like I am honoring the beauty of the flowers when I paint them. These are all available to purchase on my Etsy shop <click

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Flowers make my day warmer original watercolor by Gretchen Kelly

I had been wanting paint some flowers for weeks and finally got around to it today as diversion from another task that was pressing. I like to free myself from the routine schedule with doing a watercolor that is filled with color and whimsy. Flowers are the best for that.

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