Saturday, July 12, 2014

Original Botanical Watercolor paintings by Gretchen Kelly

This is my summer project: The Botanical Project -Summer 2014
I joined a flower CSA (community supported agriculture) and I pick up
 several bunches of flowers each Friday night. 
I started painting last week.
But today in earnest I did several more. 
Below are some flowers from the CSA 
and some from my own yard.
Daisies and Wild Strawberries from my Yard
11"xx15" watercolor, gouache + graphite
I signed this painting a little too quick. It looks much better this way not the other.
I guess it makes for a conversation piece if it were to be
framed and hung upside down. I'd do it.
Queen Anne's Lace
11"x15" watercolor, gouache, graphite
These are farm raised Queen Anne's Lace, not wild ones from the side of the road.
Tomorrow I'll post some photos of my CSA haul .

Kale, Brassica aleracea
11"x15" watercolor + graphite
I grew this Kale in the alley garden that I have a small patch in and where some
neighborhood people also garden.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Mini oil paintings of the Hudson River by Gretchen Kelly

I have been looking at these for months.... wondering if I was going to go back into them with more glazing. But no - I like them like this - done.  There is an under painted color of cerise or black. These are inspired by my photos taken while traveling up and down the river to NYC from Hudson.  All measure 5"x7" and I am selling them on the Daily Paintworks starting on July 8th.

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