Monday, February 18, 2013

Lingerie/Old Fashion Hose by Gretchen Kelly, New York Artist

The warning label says: 
Handle with care, these bring your sexy back! 
Instant Sex Goddess! 
Seriously, every woman needs a pair to wear once in her life.
My interest is in rendering lingerie with variations on the painting style.
I'm interested in seeing subtle variations on a single still life,
which is what I am considering these to be.
Lingerie/Old Fashion Hose I
11"x15" watercolor, gouache, graphite

Lingerie/Old Fashion Hose II
watercolor, gouache + graphite

Lingerie/Old fashion hose III
 11"x15" watercolor + gouache on Stonehenge paper

this is just a photoshop composite to show you what they look like framed together.
Note: sale does not come with a frame.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Lingerie/Vintage long Bra by Gretchen Kelly, New York Artist

10"x13" watercolor, gouache, graphite
 Here is another vintage brassiere. I am not quite sure what the name for this type of bra is but I have called it a "long bra". When worn, it has the pointy torpedo tips. I think this one is from the '60s. It's white cotton. with elastic sides + bottom - more like a straight jacket! It is an architectural wonder. An under-garment with lots of great details to study and paint. I think Nurse Ratchett wore this type of bra. I would guess that Joan Crawford would like this rigidity too.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

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