Monday, May 10, 2010

One Minute Pose LXVII.4 - nude by Gretchen Kelly

12"x12" acrylic + graphite on heavy paper
I tried using acrylic for a change to see how it moved with fast painting of gesture poses. It is slower than gouache and watercolor but not so bad. I like the brush stroke texture showing up and the heavy paper held up too.


Mark Landes said...

The whole design pops-great piece.

Mark Landes said...

I'm back after looking at your other site. I wonder how many of us have the "airstream dream". I informed my daughter of yr site as she is a vintage/creative person (
Great work and very creative. I've followed Daily Painters for abt 3 years.and pretty much know who's who from the postage stamp views before I check the names.