Monday, March 08, 2010

Nude #812 - contemporary watercolor nude by Gretchen Kelly

9"x12" watercolor, gouache + graphite on paper
This is a 5 minute study of the same pose as yesterday's post. Sometimes I get done before the pose is over so I do another mini study sketch of it again, during the longer 25 minute poses....people have asked me or sometimes think I go home and finish up my figure sketches....but I don't do that. I actually rarely add into the figure part of my painting. What I do is add in a background color or a stencil pattern. I found that trying to perfect the figure afterwards leads to ruin more often than not, so I don't do that often. If anything sometimes I will add an electric color line to pop a curve of the hip or the highlight of a shoulder. After about 5 years of regular figure drawing/painting, my process has informed me rather than me directing my process. And what it tells me is that, I like to work "live" with the energy in front of me...I just finished a commission portrait and shipped it off to the customer today. I worked only from a photo of a person I never saw in real life. When working with photos my paintings are not filled with the same vibrant energy as when working live. Sooooo ~ I won't do that again ~ I must work from the living posing human. Actually, in this particular case that would have been impossible because it was a posthumous portrait. (I hope my customer is happy with it )


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artist-makino said...

I really agree with u.For me also love to draw in "live"!I love your beautiful painting!