Friday, February 05, 2010

Valentine Earring Nude + Heart - original watercolor nude portrait by Gretchen Kelly

 "Valentine Earring Nude" - $150.
8"x10" - watercolor, gouache, silver pigment

I am doing a series of whimsical feminine portraits that are composed of 3 paintings for each title: 
#1- a facial portrait, #2 - a full body portrait, #3- her Heart. 
These are the 2nd + 3rd paintings of this group. #1 portrait was published in yesterday's post.

"Valentine Earring Heart"- $75.
3.5" x4" - watercolor, gouache, pastel, silver pigment
The HEART is the center of the physical human and pumps the blood. It is the symbol referring to the whole of a person; including mind, body + spirit. The heart is symbolic of so much more and that is what I am exploring this upcoming series.

SOLD to a collector in Hong Kong

collect all 3 as a trio 

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