Thursday, January 21, 2010

January Mermaids - original gesture sketches by Gretchen Kelly

January Mermaids #1,2,3-
9.5" x 13" - gouache, pastel, graphite on paper each - $60.
These Mermaids are not easy to get to pose at this time of year. I have connections though. My sister is in New Zealand and snapped some quick shots of Myra who was happy to have me do these sketches of her....more to come...

#1 + 2 - SOLD to a collector in Va.
#3 - SOLD to a collector in New Canaan, Ct.


RHCarpenter said...

These are all great but that third one, where she looks like she's just ready or has just begun a leap off rocks into the water = perfect! I've been enjoying your gesture drawings and other artwork for a while but first time I've commented (I think).

lunardancer said...

The texture of her tail against the green background creates such a striking and unique effect.