Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12 Days of FAVE ARTists (countdown):Jamie Williams Grossman

I met Jamie through the Daily Painters.com website. She is the head of the Lower Hudson Valley Chapter of the NYPAP and resides in upper Westchester County NY and I live in Columbia County NY at least an hour north. Jamie has since acquired another country home across the Hudson River and closer to me. We have had quite a few plein air paintout dates and she is a great buddy that gets me out there painting. I like the buddy system. Last summer, in Rhinebeck, NY - we had a show together: "Landscapes by the Hudson Valley Daily Painters". Jan Blencowe + Takeyce Walter also showed with us. It was a great collaborative effort and I would love to do it again next summer. Below I have featured some of my favorite and familiar paintings of Jamie's. We go to Olana often, which is Frederick Church's historical estate overlooking the Hudson River.

Above- This is the world renowned view from the hill at Olana looking south over the Hudson River - same view, slightly different angles at different times of the year.

Above- Jamie and I painted at this site together last Spring. This is from the shore in Hudson looking at the Athens lighthouse on Hudson River. It was a beautiful Spring Day. It was my first time out painting since the previous year...buddy system at work here...

I have always like the freshness of a surprise floral still life from someone who ordinarily paints another subject. Aren't these joyful!? AND I always love seeing an Artist's sketchbook and reading their words....
Below is a watercolor from Monhegan Island - a place close to my Artist heart. I have been there several times in the summer to paint. It is an Artist's haven. If I am not mistaken the house in the watercolor below is Jamie Wyeth's house, son of legendary Andrew.

Left-is a view that Jamie sketched on one of her hikes in the Catskill Mountains not far from her retreat. Below are some sketches that are outstanding- of Bannerman Castle which you can read about on Jamie's blog. I would love to go and paint there myself. It is mini island in the Hudson River with an abandoned castle - maybe next year I'll get there.

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Roxanne Steed said...

wow! love all the sketchbook pictures!! great description/interview!