Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veruschka in Painted Desert - original portrait by Gretchen Kelly

8.5" x 11" gouache + gold pigment on card

Seen here is the image of famous 1960's model, Veruschka. I vividly remember this image of her from Vogue back in 1968. It was the colorful photography, flowing fabrics and ornamentation of gemstones, braided cords and mounds of hair pieces - AND THE MAKE UP! She was painted like a modern Cleopatra in the Arizona desert. I will never forget a family vacation we took with another family and two baby sitters who were probably about 16 years old. I must have been about 10. I had a beautiful double decker set of cake watercolors which included metalic silver + gold. I painted my babysitter's faces like the models in Vogue magazine models. They loved it! I wish I had pictures of that. Little did anyone know, back then, the danger of gold and silver pigments on the skin.

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VH McKenzie said...

Beautiful work, Gretchen -- I'm going to tweet links to your blog, if that's ok with you? I'm tired of tweeting about myself and want to spread the art love.....

Roxanne Steed said...

Still lovin' this series!!!! I look forward to each one!!! awesome!