Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Portrait of Ingrid- original painting by Gretchen Kelly

8"x11" gouache + graphite on paper  ~ SOLD

Sometimes I have to do something completely different. I was fooling around making color combinations randomly with leftover paints. I created a lot of background pages to then paint on top of. I have a some vintage magazines from the 60's that contain a lot of images that I recall from when I was young looking through my mom's Vogue magazines. I grew up loving these images of the first super models like Verushka, Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton and Lauren Hutton. These were my icons of style and beauty. To this day I tear out portraits and fashion clippings that inspire me and create piles of colorful inspiration to then do things like this with. It looks like it's coming out of left field but this is the kind of thing that leads me to the next phase of my work. It was completely freeing to do this and I wonder where it will take me?

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Roxanne Steed said...

Love it!!! totally love it, face, color blocking & everything! (Lauren Hutton is STILL amazing, btw!)