Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nereid Goddess + Dolphin - original watercolor painting by Gretchen Kelly

watercolor + silver leaf on paper

I did this painting in response to a suggestion made by a collector who loves my nudes. He mentioned to me that the subject matter of these Mediterranean goddesses would possibly be harmonious with my ongoing painting of nudes. He was right about that. Through the summer I incorporated the water into many of my nudes. I started to look into the imagery of the Nereid Goddesses and did some minor reading up on the subject. I then tried my own hand at bringing forth what came to the surface in my own consciousness. I did a small series of the Nereid Goddesses which I presented in my Goddess Salon this past weekend. I will post them in the coming week, one by one. I was happy to be reintroduced to Ancient mythology and am now hooked on this new source (new for me) of inspiration for my ongoing creative path of painting the female figure. I see it as just the beginning of my Goddess genre.
Thanks, Pat- for being so astute.

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