Saturday, October 10, 2009

GODDESS SALON - presentation of paintings by Gretchen Kelly

On Oct 17th + 18th from noon - 4pm I will present my Goddess themed paintings, drawings + assemblages. I have been working with the the Goddess them all summer and have a collection of works that I am presenting this year in my Salon which I do every year here in Hudson, NY during Artswalk 2009. You will see Water Goddesses, Nereid Goddesses, Water Nymphs, Mermaids + Gilded Goddesses.  In addition there is a lot more to see on the streets of Hudson. There is an ongoing street show called Windows on Warren which I have done the curation for on four of the lower blocks. From the 100 - 400 blocks I have placed many fantastic Artists that are members of the Columbia County Council for the Arts. All works are for sale. It's a great town to stroll the streets and view the Arts during the infamous Hudson River Fall Foliage season. The restaurants are equivalent to dining in NYC and there are plenty of B+B's to stay at. The Cannonball Factory opens today with a large group exhibit. Yes, I have two pieces in there too - and they are already sold!  I will change them out tomorrow after they get they  have a chance to show off their red dots during the opening reception tonight. I have a lot more to tell you ---- but later, along with plenty of pictures. I have to dash out to make copies of  my posters, cards, announcements, etc. and drop them all off in town.
STAY TUNED for updates!
(BTW- it is intentional that I left the sketch lines all over my poster for now - I haven't had time to go back and clean it up and I kind of like the way it looks)

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