Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hudson Artists Studios + Salons- during Artswalk 2009

Poster for collective of Hudson Artists showing their work in their Salons, Studios, and Gallery spaces. Come to Hudson, NY to see us and all the other ART and events during our annual Artswalk 2009 event.
I will be opening my Goddess Salon this year featuring works done during the warm weather this past Spring + Summer. You will see Gilded Goddesses, Water Nymphs, Water Goddesses, Nereid Goddesses and more. All works are for sale and I will be there to greet you.
For more info on Artswalk go to this link:
I will be posting more info + pics as the event opens this weekend with "Windows on Warren". Artwork is displayed in shop windows on the main drag and I have curated 4 of the blocks.

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