Friday, August 07, 2009

Tahitian Flower - original painting by Gretchen Kelly

19" x 24" gouache + gold leaf on paper
This image is based on a beautiful photo of a friend of mine. She posed for this about 20 years ago. The original photo is ethereal and very pale sepia tones with hints of rose blush. There is a feeling in it that is other-worldly, and timeless but harkening back to another era.
I have been fooling around with this image and creating different graphics from it. I have been drawing it, repainting it, photographing it, looking at it and refining it. It still is not what I want yet. But, I did create my ad for the upcoming Artswalk brochure from this. I also want to keep going with this theme of black painted lines and flowers in gold leaf.
SOLD to a collector from CO.

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