Tuesday, June 02, 2009

paperscissorsOranges - Original watercolor by Gretchen Kelly

8" x 24" - watercolor on paper
This is the beginning of a series of paintings that I will continue through the end of July - on + off through the weeks. It is a collection of multi- media paintings of the joy in the kids art studio where I work each week. I work 3 days a week at paperscissorsOranges . My dear, dearest friend, Susanna, is closing her business after 9 years. She wants a break and to spend more time with her family. Her family is growing. There's another person growing in her tummy, her second child. She will open again in a few years and make a fresh start with part II of PSO. I have enjoyed working there throughout the years. It is pure pleasure and inspiration for me. I love the color explosions - literally with the cotton balls loaded with color thrown onto the wall that is a constantly changing mural. I get to build houses from cardboard boxes that the kids paint everyday with new color. I mix colorful paints, cut, glue, set up, break down and more, more, more- so you will get a taste of the place these last coupla months. The paintings will be displayed on the waiting room walls as a collection to view until the end of July. They are for sale and I will be taking commission assignments from these works. Families, individual portraits, pets, interiors of homes can be customized for a buyer. Commissions are a business I have wanted to develop in my work - and now is the perfect time.


SOLD to a collector in Wilton,Ct.

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loriann said...

I love this one Gretchen! What a wonderful way to share with parents and the studio.