Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Art Patrons come for a visit

Meet two of my collectors who came all the way from Maryland to meet me last Sunday: Pat + Doreen. They also purchased quite a few of my nudes for which they had been in search of and that is how they found me- on the internet awhile ago, in their search. A couple of weeks ago when I published my recent postcard for the landscape show that I am in with other DP members (Jamie Grossman, Jan Blencowe + Takeyce Walter), Pat wanted to come to see that and have a studio tour at the same time of his visit. I was up for that and where I live has so much to offer people from out of the area to tootle around and see in this Hudson River Valley. Then we went out to a wonderful lunch and had much to talk about. Pat is an engineer who works with NASA scientists on projects related to weather. A part of his work he makes creative power point presentations and always includes Artwork in his presentations to create a visual memory for the scientists who he is presenting to- NO! not nudes! He has presented some very fun and creative ideas for me to collaborate on with him where Art + Science meet. I was so amped up from our meeting filled to the brim with ideas. I am going to start off working on a logo image for him that is from satelite imagery.

A side note:
You never know who you are going to meet and what it can lead to in the uncharted new landscape of Art on the internet.....I for one, have met quite a few interesting people. Some online through words, some on phone and some in person. All have been adventures that have filled my life in unexpected ways and I have some very colorful stories to tell and some that I won't tell.... ;)


Naquaiya said...

What a lovely posting and thanks for letting us in on your experiences. What a nice day you had. I'm sure your collectors will be back.

Takeyce Walter said...

Gretchen, this is so wonderful! How great is it that they made the trip to visit you and see your work in person! YAY! Congrats on the sales, and best of all meeting a neat couple.

Anrosh said...

this makes life so beautiful.