Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lost Sister- original watercolor portrait by Gretchen Kelly

5" x 6" - watercolor on paper

Joyce was always looking for Kitty....
Her family moved to NYC from England in 1931. Her father was unable to continue his trade as a master upholsterer during the Depression. Joyce was the youngest of four girls: Betty, Kitty, Dora + Joyce. Joyce was much younger than the oldest - by 15 years. Dora was closest in age. When Joyce + Dora walked through some of the neighborhoods she always thought it might be Kitty coming out of one of the fashionable brownstones. Kitty was the governess to a wealthy family, but Joyce did not know who or where they were. No one in family talked about Kitty. In fact it was only through rumors that Joyce got any information at all about her. Through the years Joyce speculated that Kitty had gotten pregnant by someone in the household where she worked. It was sad for Joyce. She remembered that the mother at the household where Kitty worked came by to talk to her parents. She left and Joyce never saw her again, nor her sister- Kitty.



loriann said...

Beautiful Gretchen. I can't wait to read the story.

Anonymous said...

Yeah let's hear it!