Monday, December 08, 2008

Nude #504- original watercolor by Gretchen Kelly

12.5" x 19" - watercolor, gouache, graphite on paper


Anonymous said...

Don't you ever wonder why there are hardly never any comments on your art. Is it because of the subject matter or because it's no good. Well I love your stuff, especially this one, it's awesome and very good.

I just read your tag reply about you having no relatives. I wonder how rare that is. I started to think how sad for you but then I thought no how wonderful that could be. You have no one to cut you down, belittle you. You can start anew, with no one to say "your nudes embarrass us" And create what you want to with no guilt feelings or judgement. Enjoy being lazy Gretchen and have a nice holiday!

from an admirer

Gretchen Kelly said...

Since this above comment is from an anonymous person, my only way to reply is this way-
Hmmmm- The praise given is very back-handed. I must state for the record that no one in my family is ever embarrassed by my work- quite the opposite, and ever since I was a child I have been supported by family and friends,teachers, employers and community and I have always sold my work. As an Artist, it is never a question as to what I should paint nor what the subject matter is. It is only the question of "where is the time to do it all". I am a person who is filled with positive energy and don't come from a place of feeling "less-than" or fear of what others may think....
Just had to clarify for the above admirer and wishes for a happy holiday to you too!