Saturday, November 29, 2008



and when I tag you - sorry about that - you don't have to play if you don't want to. I didn't the first 4 times I got tagged.
the rules:

1. Put a link in your posting to the person who tagged you -
2. List 7 unusual things about yourself.
3. Tag up to 7 other bloggers at the end of your post and comment
on their blogs to let them know.

1. when I was 8 yrs old, I rode bus #8, I was in brownie troop #8, I lived at 8 Downey Rd., I have 8 letters in my name.
2. I love solitude.
3. I have no aunts, uncles or cousins because my Mom + Dad were only children.
4. I am the stereo-type of almost everything you could read about an Aquarian.
5. Oprah + I have the same birthday.
6. I am happy 98% of the time.
7. I am lazy and love to do nothing a lot of the time.

  1. my dear friend Susanna owns a kids Art studio and writes about her favorite things.
  2. Janet Hill is a fantastic, successful, prolific Artist with amazing style!
  3. my fave decor blog that I read first before I look at any others and I have a list of about 20 that I love. Corrine is on my wavelength and I actually read what she writes whereas I look at the pics on the other decor blogs.
  4. a candid peek into creative people's homes in NYC, LA, London, Brooklyn. Todd Selby photographs people you have heard of and not in their spaces and then asks funny questions and gets funny answers.(technically, this is not a blog but a website- oh well..)
  5. favorite Artist who is on the Daily Painters Gallery also.
  6. once a week blog (usually) where Lisa Durfee, who owns a vintage clothing store writes inspirationally about one of her passions- vintage clothing (and mine too)
  7. the love artist, Kathe Izzo, and my lovely friend, writes from the heart. She's not posting daily at this time but she's planning to get back to it soon.


corine @ hidden in france said...

Thank you for the kind words and for tagging me. Now I have to think hard.. ouch, that hurts my little head.

corine said...

I added you to my blog roll, finally.