Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Zen black line nude #7 - original ink painting by Gretchen Kelly

Zen black line nude, painting by Gretchen Kelly

ink on paper - one minute pose
24 in X 18 in



Samsung CLP-510 toner said...

This image is quite the inspiration to be nude! No no Im just kidding, but this image has many meanings to it. Its crazy because to each and every individual this picture means something different.
Whether it has a meaning or not, I think its a wonderful piece of art that is most definitely winning an award in my book :)

Gretchen Kelly said...

Thanks, whoever you are in above comment. I have been getting a lot of comments to the contrary lately. Even on this picture before your comment. I wish I had not deleted it because after thinking twice I decided it would have been good to publish it. The last anonymous comment said about Nude #7 - -"THAT'S HORRIBLE, a monkey could do that." It actually made me laugh hard. Because I pictured the person who wrote the comment as a monkey drawing the pose. These comments that people leave are more telling about themselves than about my Art....
don't you think?