Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Minute Poses #1- #7- by Gretchen Kelly

#1 #2

#3 #4


#6 #7

approx. 9.5"x 12.5" - gouache + graphite on paper
$250. for the series of 7

This series is how the session of figure painting always start off - quick gesture poses for one minute each. I prepare myself now with good paper and gouache and graphite at the ready. They are getting better and better and inspire me further with my other works. I love the demand of time on me to capture without thought and that I have to put on paper my "interpretaion" of what I see in the present moment. It is action filled.

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David Yener Goodman said...

Good paper is so inspiring. Using blue for these really makes them pop.

Nice work.