Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nude #389 - original watercolor by Gretchen Kelly

SOLD to a collector in Salt Lake City

14"x20" watercolor, gouache, graphite on paper

Some days, when I do figure painting I am on and some days are not so good. Today tho - right ON. I am sure a lot has to do with how much figure painting I have been doing each week and also, it is the model- my current muse- Kathe - loving her! She has that last century look that Klimt and Schiele were painting.


Rhonda Hurwitz said...

what great color and expressive lines. You managed to keep it simple and say it all!

ala al-wasitty said...

vary vary nice ur bainting..i love ur women node and ihope you vist my plog



Travisty said...

Wow I haven't been paying attention, and all of a sudden you blossomed into extraordinary...

I hope you had lots of fun with this one, as I can almost see a smile peer through. Great job