Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Red Barn + Berkshires - original oil painting by Gretchen Kelly

10" x 11" - oil on wood
SOLD to a collector in Ct.
Today's landscape was done plein air at Olana. This is looking east towards the Berkshire mountains. It was one of those ideal days for being out doors. There are several trails to walk and find the perfect spot to paint or have a look across the Hudson River towards the Catskills. I did 3 paintings today and was out there for 12 hours until sundown! - never did that before.
It was a treat today to be joined by other Daily Painters, Jamie William Grossman and Tilly Strauss. I had met Tilly before along with Takeyce Walters this past winter in Rhinebeck, but it was the first time meeting Jamie. Jamie shared much of her vast wisdom about the tricks of trade on being a Plein Air Artist. She is a wiz at making everything easier to carry and set up outdoors and I will be following some of those tips for making a lightweight foam core box for all my supplies including folding containers for water, folding chairs with carrying case, umbrella and much more. THANKS, Jamie!

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Takeyce said...

Wow! Beautifully done, Gretchen.
Sorry I missed this paint out with you, Tilly and Jaime! I'll definitely make it next time!