Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sunset from the Empire State Bldg.- 8"x10"- gouache + dyes

I painted this many years ago when I worked in the Empire State Bldg. I was able to view some phenomenal sunsets over the Hudson river looking towards NJ. I would quickly record them with what paints were there on my palette from the day's work, when I was designing scarves. I used dyes and gouache. I did a series of about 4 or five of them at the time and held on to them through the years. Some are now for sale through Adelaide Fine Arts gallery in New Canaan, Ct. In fact there is a Spring Show Benefit opening tomorrow night. Check out the

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n warner said...

Always love seeing the brilliant setting sky and it feels like you're
sitting in a bunker from that skyline vantage point. Really like all the work for the Adelaide Gallery fund are in good company! Hope you raise gazillions. Nina