Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yixing tea ceremony - 6"x9" watercolor + gouache on paper

SOLD to a collector in Ca.
Yixing, China is where the historical purple or red clay teapots are produced in small studio factories. I had the privilege of visiting a studio and watching a couple of Artisans make some teapots and then was served some Oolong tea in a traditional manner over a special teak table that allows for steam and water to drip through slats as it is drenched from the dousing that must occur on these special pots. All this helps to steep the tea. It was very special and unplanned during my trip here. I felt like I had a glimpse into another era. The studio teapot teacher was serving us with pride and although neither us, nor the people serving myself and my associate, spoke the same language in words but the smiles and sharing of this tradition was a highly special communication. The building I was in had remnants of the 1920's deco details mixed with Chinese motifs in the fretwork panels that divided the cold cement tea "sanctuary". This will probably be the highlight of my trip.
PS - I have just added the picture, I guess it did not post on the original date.

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Anonymous said...

Very beautiful, and I like your description of what happened. - grandmamma