Monday, January 21, 2008

Train ride back to Shanghai- 6"x9" watercolor on paper

View from the train which was an 8 hour ride to Shanghai. The land was de-forrested during the communist regime. Now it is being re-forrested and all the plantings across the land are orderly and in rows and rows. They make nice blurry patterns when you look out the fast moving train window. I was unable to travel by domestic plane due to a snowstorm. The airports and highways were closed. The Chinese sweep the roads with handmade stick brooms. There are no snowplows! and I saw only one guy with a shovel but that was it. My journey back to the USA has been delayed by two days. I will be so happy to be home- can't wait. 


Werner said...

This one is extremely lovely.

laura said...

Beautiful; I love the subtlety of the color, and how you've made something ethereal out of subject speeding by in a train!