Thursday, December 13, 2007

Olana Dusk - 6"x24" - watercolor, gouache, silverleaf on paper

Here is the famous view that many a plein air painter perches to paint. But not me in the cold! I'll take the photo and paint in the warmth of my humble studio. This was dusk tonight at approximately 5 o'clock. I am fortunate to live so close to this wondrous view that is ever changing. It is never dull.


n warner said...

Wonderful colors and sweep of the early evening sky. Fantastic! Nina

Unknown said...

I was at Olana not too long ago. This is it: the ephemeral music of color and form playing before the observer's eyes and ears. It takes the painter to make it eternal.
Thank you, G.K.

Takeyce said...

Another beautiful sunset! FC would be proud!