Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Control tower- 6.5"x9.5" - gouache + pencil on paper

ABOVE: Here is what I think I look like through the course of my day.
For those looking at this blog, today I am taking you on a studio tour. On the Daily Painters Gallery website all the Artists are taking you on studio tours so check it out by clicking to the right on the site and enjoy! It should be a good trip.

BELOW: This is my "D'sign" studio where I mostly do my "job". I design dinnerware, giftware and home decor items. Most of the designs are for ceramics which I paint on paper with gouache and they are produced in factories in China. So here you see the "headquarters" for where it all starts.

BELOW: .... in my other painting studio. Yeah, I am fortunate to have enough space for a couple of studios. Lots of space is important to me. Here is where most of my daily paintings are done. My gelatin monoprints, watercolors, encaustic wax medium, collages and everything else including sewing gets done here.
This space also doubles as a sewing room and triples as a guest room and a den for my two cats, Botero and Beardsley.
Hope you enjoyed the tour and come back again! Soon, like everyday to see my work which is for sale too. Send me an email with the title and I will quote you a price.


n warner said...

What an eye into your bright and perched atelier – lots of space to
unleash your very creative work. I love your ceramic work too
and would most likely choose one of your colorful pieces.
I see a French twist to you…. and happily ensconced in color,
beautiful imagery and many stagings that connect you to your
worderful visions. I was staring at Louise Nevelson thinking that
must have been Helen Frankenthaler….but both striking
stong women artists. Thanks for showing us in. Cheers, Nina

Delilah said...

Thank You for the visit. Mono gello prints, I had a friend who does those but Ihave never tried.

Gretchen Kelly said...

Thanks as always for your lyrical words to my process. It is an ongoing stage in my brain. Since I was little I have always set up displays: on shelves and dressers and through doorways. It is part of my process.

Thanks for stopping by! Now I will visit you...

naquaiya said...

You have the best variety of work, do the best, are the best. gracias