Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nude #321 + Nude #312

Nude #321 - 18" x 24" ink + gouache on paper
This is from a one minute pose. I have been painting one minute poses using india ink and a China brush. I am trying to capture the gesture with the paint as opposed to charcoal in this quick window of time.

Nude #312
19" x 25" watercolor, gouache + graphite
I am re-posting this painting after taking down for awhile. I could not put it back upon it's original post date because you can't time travel on blogger. So he is piggybacking on this post post from the same week, same model session.

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Lisa said...

One minute? Fabulous.

GK said...

Hey Lisa!
Thanks and the pose is one minute - the back added after.
Happy ThanksG tomorrow!
See ya'round,