Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nude #319-16"x20"- mixed media on paper + wood

belongs to a collector in Hudson, NY

This is a big combo of mediums and layering of imagery.I mounted the nude, done on paper, onto a silver leaf covered wood board. Then I added the background setting later, as usual. I wanted to layer in some stencils and just kept playing with colors and foreground and background. It looks better in person rather than this photo. I am just going with the flow here and it is taking me on a trip somewhere Across the Universe - not sure where yet. Getting free-er is where I am always trying to go go go.

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naquaiya said...

I love your nudes and especially the way you are mixing media. The addition of stencil and repeated patterns reminiscent of fabric and exotic textiles is really wonderful. Your work has been maturing rapidly through this theme. Exciting.