Tuesday, September 18, 2007

GK's Poster for NUDES ON VIEW

Artist Gretchen Kelly establishes Salon des Refuses

Hudson, NY - Just as Manet, Whistler and Courbet set up the Parisian Salon des Refuses in the 1800s painter Gretchen Kelly has created her own gallery after her paintings of nude figures were excluded from the annual Artswalk juried show.

"My nudes are my primary focus when painting," Ms Kelly said in reply to the decision that art depicting the explicit human form was not selected for the Griffen Warehouse juried exhibit at Artswalk.

Ms. Kelly will exhibit her acclaimed landscape paintings at Artswalk in the Pocketbook Factory and at the Landmark Visitors Center at 345 Warren St., while art lovers and aficionados can view the nudes in the privacy of the artist's homemade gallery.

"It is much the same as in Paris in the 1800's when artists such as Manet, Whistler and Courbet set up the Salons des Refuses when they were excluded from the established Paris Salon," Ms Kelly said, adding part of the charm of the "Nudes on View Exhibit" will be the hand-made frames she has produced for the artwork.

"I had already listed myself on the Artist Studio Tour during this event," she said, noting visitors can get a peek into her design and painting studio where she creates her works. Ms. Kelly’s landscape paintings will be exhibited at the Pocketbook Factory building at Artswalk. But the nudes will be exhibited and sold in a special, more private ambience. "Now I will take advantage of this opportunity to steer the traffic to my gallery of nudes! So Voila! - A homemade gallery with a handmade touch by the Artist."

There will be something for art lovers in all price categories. "I will also have Art Cards for sale, which will be more affordable at $5-$10. This allows people to easily own a small-scale work of mine."

The artist's website: www.gretchenkellyart.com and www.gretchenkellyart.blogspot.com

Ms Kelly also is a member of the Daily Painters Art Gallery: www.dailypainters.com

Artswalk is scheduled in Hudson, NY on Sept. 29th through Oct. 7th.



n warner said...

Gretchen - Glad you found a way to show your nudes...Of course with the intrigue of having to go search it out, this will bring more people. Once you say NO NUDITY here, people will be very tempted to find it at your SALON DES REFUSES. Genious really. Good luck. Nina

GK said...

Thanks, you are one of my biggest fans! Yes! I am using reverse psychology to bring in the voyeurs!and maybe some sales....wish you could attend.

Linda said...

Brilliant idea Gretchen! Good luck with your show!
Linda McCoy