Wednesday, August 08, 2007

View from Hammock - 7"x9" watercolor & graphite on paper

Did I forget to mention that I was going to Monhegan Island, Me. for a week....I think maybe so. This beautiful slow island is filled with Artists and no cars. It's all about walking on trails to lazy destinations, like naps in the hammock or naps on the porch or painting on site at .... ?.... stay tuned for more sketches and paintings from what I did on my summer vacation tomorrow and the next day and so on. It is so good to go away and it is so good to come back home.


n warner said...

Love this view...will relish your
hammock-view and life in art abandon this coming week! joyful expression ahead! Nina

GK said...

I can see how my words were misleading - I was actually already away and have returned. I am posting my records of scenery from the previous week. I am happy, as always, to know that you enjoy my visions!