Sunday, July 22, 2007

Perfect Day on the Hudson - 18"x24" oil on cardboard

Today's plein air painting was done along the Hudson River in Columbiaville. I could not have been doing anything better with myself on a day of such beauty. The presence of the strong wind was that of a fifth person in our group today, as it played whirling games with my hair and the tree branches. But it never blew the clouds away. The same clouds remained for 3 hours slightly changing shapes and moving stage left and right just a little bit, always claiming their space in the sky and on my canvas. I felt pleased with my on-going effort of breaking away from what I always do with landscapes. Really, what I mean is that I am trying to reach into myself for what I have YET to do when painting landscapes. It has to do with what I see, then how I break it apart and put it back together and onto the canvas. Dan is teaching me to see color better (yellow in the clouds). Again, I paint on an underpainted canvas with alizarin crimson. He is teaching me to get simple, to lay down a drawing with the brush of darks, then lights.( sometimes I forget and automatically go into forming shapes. He wants me to delineate with outlines.)Start from the background and layer towards to foreground. Cools in the back and warms in the front.


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