Saturday, October 21, 2006

Nude #104 - 18"x24" pastel on paper

Even though I am posting this nude which comes from my ready stash,
I was dying to paint a landscape of what surrounds me here in the
Hudson Valley countryside. There is an amazing show going on out
there in Fall -Foliage-Land-Central. I have been slaving away
rebuilding my website because somehow my system application became
corrupted and I can no longer work on my previous site - which is
actually up and functioning - I just can change anything on it when
I need to. So I am recreating the whole site and updating it as
well. In a few days it will be refreshed and ready for a new
viewing for all you people that are interested. It is a very
tedious thing and even though I dread the work I am glued to this
darn computer and have not had dinner at this late hour of 10:30
pm. I will stop now......a landscape for sure tomorrow.

1 comment:

Nina Kuriloff said...

It's a lovely nude image.